Monday, April 25, 2011


I meant to share just Easter, but I realized I haven't shared in awhile. We have had fun the past couple of Fridays/Saturdays playing in water as our temperature are up in the 90s. Our neighbors have started joining us and having water fun in the shade of our front yards! They had fun playing with the cones as buckets. David even found he could put the cone on his head with water in it and the water wouldn't come out until he lifted it!

Lifting the cone off, water falling down.

Water and rocks, a fun combination.

Andrew has grown so much and is almost to the point of squirming around.

Rebecca is so excited to wear her shrinky-dinks.

Benji wanted a picture taken of him too. (I don't know why it turned, probably because I loaded so many pictures...)

Easter egg coloring

I love my clown face!

David's cute eggs.

Everyone enjoyed helping Benji color his eggs.

In our family we have a tradition of hiding the Easter baskets and going on a search in the morning. Can you see one of the hidden baskets?

There it is!

While Benji explores his Rebecca looks for hers.

She found hers! By the way, the pile of stuff is optional get-rid-of things.

Exploring her basket while giving ideas to David on where to look.

By recommendation of Rebecca, David looked in his back-pack to find his basket!

Mmmm, the chocolate bunny!

Enjoying the treats.

David devouring his treats. By the way, by the end of the day all the candy in Rebecca and David's baskets was gone! Clark and I were very surprised... Perhaps we will request less candy from the Easter Bunny next year. (especially since Benji threw-up in the middle of the night from the lot of it!)

Andrew's first Easter. No basket or treats for you! Mommy ate enough to make his tummy upset.

Happy Easter to all!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strong little Man

My cousin's little boy had heart surgery 21 days ago and we have been praying with all our hearts for him. We are so thankful to see him doing so well. What an amazing family this is. Here is the first hand information:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

General Conference

This last weekend was General Conference. This year we set up our little tent, copied some work-pages from the computer, and had a few containers of treats at the ready. The children picked words to listen for, for example: church, and every time they heard the word they were rewarded with one of the treats. This worked quite well, and the children listened intently!

Toward the end the children got restless, then we remembered the BINGO papers we had printed off and switched our treat reward to that game. The children had fun and found all the words on their papers!

My first General Conference!

Pre-mid-post Conference activities.

Rolly-polly eyes