Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Happenings

Here are a few pictures from here and there throughout the month. We have been enjoying summer together. I will be sad to have them all back in school again. If only there was a way for them to get their education and have so much free time like we have in the summer. I love going on outings with them and exploring.  When we aren't going on outings, they are best friends creating fun worlds with toys, legos, or whatever else they can play with around the house.

Benjamin's minion world

For one of our Field Research Ranger adventures we went to the science museum in Palm Beach.  It was fun to explore all the marine life and other experiments.  They had a fun exhibit on "what's eating you".  They got to climb through the Colon Crawl, look in the elephantitis magic mirrors, and be jumping bugs in a bounce house. I thought it was interesting to have the tunnel of lice in hair, and next to it a place where children could try on costumes and hats.  Who knows if we would walk away from it with lice.

Benjamin loves to remember the sweet girl who made this blanket for him way back seven years ago.  He wanted me to get a picture of him sleeping just like he did when he was a baby.

Andrew wanted a picture too.  He loves the blanket one of grandma's friends made for us too.
A surprisingly fun activity that entertains the children is drawing on the windows with white board markers.  They even found they could have fun drawing on eachother's faces through the window.

For a month we have had fun babysitting a bearded dragon.  The children are fascinated watching it eat the live crickets!
Benjamin loved his birthday and is now always reminding me how old he is.  It is hard for me to believe how fast he is growing up.

House projects.  Here is a mid-work photo of our bathroom, which is now converted into a beautiful bathroom.
Fishing!  Our mailman was so nice and stopped by to chat with us and give us pointers.  Soon after he left we were able to catch a fish!