Sunday, February 27, 2011

26.2 Miles or More!

Our school participates in Marathon Kids, where the children walk/run 26.2 miles over the course of a few months and also eat healthy. Our way of achieving this is to walk/run to school all year long, which ends up being more than 26.2 miles anyway. Walking to school doesn't even count all the walking they do on other occasions.

They were excited to participate in the Final Mile and earn a medal. They really did earn it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CROP Out Hunger

(click the above to go to the site)

Every year we have lived here, our Stake has been involved in supporting this. Not only is it fun to participate in the walk, but it is neat to feel we are donating to a valid cause.

Feel free to help out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Lasting


Way back in 2005, we took a family trip to visit my brother. While we were visiting we visited a HUGE Goodwill store. We thought it was amazing! While we were there, we found this cute car and decided we could fit it in our car to bring home. Way back then we only had one child. This car has been a favorite with the children for many years.

The children love driving around and scooting, but best of all-they love pushing each other. Even now that some of them are getting too big to fit their legs in, they still love finding a way to ride around in (or on) this car.

I think everyone likes to push Rebecca because she has the best laugh that accompanies it. Her laugh is very contagious.

We loved that Goodwill and wish we could find one where we live. Thank you for the great fun, little car, you have made lots of memories and hope for many more!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Always Giving

When you look at this picture the first thought that probably comes to your mind is, "Oh cute, Maryann is so creative." At least that is what I imagine most people think about many of the cute edible things we give them, whether it be dessert or dinner.

The truth is, I never make them. All the compliments and gratitude should be given to Clark. Clark is the one I would like to direct your attention to. I know there are many men out there that are good husbands and fathers, but I feel I have claim on the best. I had been thinking of what the cute things I could do for some friends of mine, and he made these and wrapped them.

Or, we will have friends over for dinner and they will look at me and say, "Wow, this is delicious, thanks for having us." Then we will reveal that Clark did everything. He is amazing.

We start running out of things to eat, and I start thinking I need to figure out how to get my load of children to the store; every time, Clark comes to the rescue and lets me stay home. He will even take a few children with him and let me have quiet time.

When we are sitting at the table and I even look like I would like something, he will jump up and give me more or get me a drink. He is so considerate, and it isn't just because I am holding our baby- he does in any situation.

If he can, he will race around the car to open my door as well. This one has become harder for him to fulfill because of the children that also need help, but he will try if he sees a chance.

He is also very good at forgiving and forgetting. If there is a moment of contention or trouble he will deal with the moment, and then he can laugh and joke immediately after. I watch this in amazement because I tend to hold onto my negative feelings and have a really hard time just letting it go. But it never fails that he can get me laughing again when I have been upset.

Clark really helps build our family in many ways. I could keep going and writing more of the many things he does; but the point is, he is wonderful and we love him!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Felt Night

I am excited to help Rebecca with her lesson tonight. We will tell a story from Elder Patrick Kearon's talk from last General Conference. (here is the talk) The story teaches us to be diligent in heeding what we know to be right. If we disregard what we have been taught, then we will have damaging consequences- just as Elder Kearon had painful consequences from disregarding what he knew would keep him safe (his shoes) and being stung by a scorpion.

There is protection in choosing the right and holding fast to the iron rod, which we know to be the word of God.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Andrew has been smiling up at me when I talk to him. It lights up my day and I just can't get enough of his smiles. Each time I get one it feels like a treasure. He is such a sweet boy. I finally caught a great big smile!

A few pictures, in reverse order. The news from the home-front is that we received snow. The children had fun playing in the inch that fell. They couldn't last very long, and looked so cold I just had to snap a picture. This look says it all: "Mommy, please warm me up."

Here is proof that the snow really did fall, and it was enough to play in!
Our Winter Wonderland.
Playing in the snow with sand toys.
How do you dress like a ballerina when it is cold?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family Night!

Not too long ago, the children and I were playing at a park and I saw these metal cage-like things in different places near by. I stood their staring at them wondering what they were. I couldn't see any food, if it was to feed the animals. I wasn't sure if it was a trap, but it looked so easy to escape... In the end I just turned my attention to playing and forgot about this strange thing.

Months went by, and we took a walk through our little path in our neighborhood. They have been changing it and adding things to make it more enjoyable all over. To my surprise I saw these "cages" again. I wondered again at what this strange thing could be. Clark happily chirped, "Oh, that is Frisbee golf. I played that with my colleagues in San Diego. " Since then, when we walk down there, we have seen a continuous flow of people playing through the course.

Finally, we took our turn. Although we don't have the right kind of frisbees, we still had fun playing. We also decided to stay away from the ponds and streams for fear of losing our frisbees in the water. David did really well; I think he had the nicest frisbee.

"This is the night we've waited for; Always a treat we have in store!
We love each other more and more With every family night ..."
~Family Night (link)

Benjamin had his own idea of how to play the game: Carry as many frisbees around as you can, then go and hand place them in the "hole". As you can glimpse, I had a fun time trying to through a frisbee with Andrew sitting in a front-carrier. The best part was being together and wandering through the woods. The children loved running around the area.

Rebecca had the cutest ensemble, and really did well throwing her disc. You might be wondering by now how many frisbees we have. We brought five, but who knows how many we have around our house... I have no idea why we have so many but it is really fun that we can all have our own!

On Sunday we had Andrews blessing. Here is our first ever family picture together! It is really hard to get everyone looking in the same direction, smiling, and looking presentable! We are so thankful for our little Andrew and the children love him to bits.