Saturday, December 27, 2008


I thought I would share this interesting experience, so I hope you don't mind. I usually have pretty crazy mixed up dreams where I know what is happening and where I am, but nothing looks the way it is supposed to. Well, let me tell you about a dream I had last night.

In this dream, everything looked real and normal, it was the middle of the night and our home looked just like it does now (which was surprising to me since I don't know if I have ever dreamed about our home, it is usually my parents home). Clark had just helped David back to bed since he woke up for some reason, when I felt I needed to go check the front door to make sure we had locked it. Clark and I walked through our dark home to the front door. What a shock I had when I felt the door and not only found it unlock, but open ajar! I pushed it closed and went to lock the door when suddenly I felt pushing and snarls and growls on the other side of the door! Clark reached out and helped me and we were able to hold the door closed and finally lock it. Well, this really creeped me out, and we peaked out the window by the door to see what kind of animal was out there (we could still hear it) but there was nothing there. We realized it was invisible. (I hope I am not creeping you out, I will come to an explanation of why I am sharing this)

I woke up from my dream and at that point went in to feed Benjamin since he was hungry. As I fed him I had time to think. This beast reminded me of the beast we need to protect our families from, that of evil in the world, it lurks around waiting for a door to be left open. Christ has made it possible to keep our families safe, he has given us power to overcome, he has given us the priesthood and we gain even more power through the covenants that we make and keep. Through these we can be protected, but it isn't enough just to protect ourselves, we need to teach our children how to keep themselves safe. Teach with all our might. And what about our friends and family? We want them to be safe too.

As I was thinking about all these things and how the dream had scared me and worried me, I couldn't help thinking about Lehi from the Book of Mormon worrying about his children and people because of his dreams. I can't imagine how hard it would have been for John the Revelator to see the destructions and pains of people in the last days because of wickedness. I am very grateful to have the scriptures that teach me, comfort me and guide me. I am thankful for Christ and the power he gives us to overcome that evil one. I am thankful for our Father in Heaven who lovingly watches over my beloved little family, my treasures, and who has given us the Holy Ghost as our guide. He has blessed us with the restoration of the gospel in these last days. Joseph Smith did see the Father and the Son in that quiet grove of trees, and that is what started that small stone cut out of the mountain that rolls forward today. It is true, and I know it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Traditions

The Christmas Story
Angels appearing to Shepherds

Angels singing for joy!

Joseph, Mary, and the little King

Excitement for their stockings

Reading new stories

Lots of memories, full of singing, laughter, and joy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We created a Christmas eCard for you to enjoy. Click here to enjoy a short story of our family and to see a cute collage of pictures.

A Few Stories


David has been putting little eyes in all sorts of places after we bought a book with a packet full of the eyes. Here is one cute example of what his imagination comes up with.
A Quick Nap
Our little Benjamin is was sitting so quietly while we were in the kitchen, then we noticed that he had in fact fallen asleep just sitting there with his arm draped over the edge.
Peter Rabbit

If you look closely you will see our little friend Rabbit that likes to take naps just outside our window. The children love going to look out the window every day and see if he is there. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. When he isn't there, David says he is off eating somewhere.

And the Winner is...

DAVID! The University had a, would you call it, contest at a Christmas activity we attended. We received a phone call the next week saying our names were drawn for the little boys bike. Yeah! David is an expert bike rider and often scares the other mothers at how fast he can ride. (scared because they are afraid he will fall down) He has been riding a bike since he was three, he really is fast!

Long Sleeping

Benjamin has really started falling into a sleeping pattern now that his he almost five months. I needed to go somewhere the other day and was sad to have to wake him up. I just had to snap a picture while I had the chance. There is something special about looking at a sleeping baby.
Also, a note about the blanket. I used to be the Primary teacher for the girls that are about 11, once I had Benjamin they released me from that to give me time with my baby. One of my sweet girls made me this blanket, and it is the cutest softest blanket. Benjamin loves it.

Three in a bed, and the little one said...

From the time we had David as a baby I have taken a picture of my children snuggled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed. They love being all cuddled up together.

For Grandma

Grandma sent some fun holiday clothes for the children. They love these clothes and look festive wearing them. Thank you! We love you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Few Pictures

Here we are trying to get a picture of our family again. It is pretty hard to get everyone looking the same direction.

Our little children.

Clark out like a light, and Benjamin wide awake.

Our little trip to "Main Street Bethlehem" in Burnet, Texas.

All bundled up, one of the few chilly nights...

Rebecca holding up her picture. She has a tendency to decorate herself as well.

Exploring campus while Daddy goes to his class.

More fun on campus.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tortillas and Cheese

Yesterday as the children were eating "square cheese" as they like to call it, David proudly stated that when he was little he didn't know how to take bites out of the cheese to make holes in it, but now he does! He does it with any kind of food he can bend.