Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A bit of Heaven

We are all in love with our new little Benjamin. He really is a bit of heaven and his little spontaneous smiles melt our hearts. We are adjusting well and the children are full of love for him. David will jump at any chance to help Benjamin or hug him or cuddle him. Rebecca, a little less able to understand how amazing a new little baby is, loves Benjamin but mainly just accepts that he is a new part of the family and goes on with her playing. She does like to talk about him to others.
I have found that I want to cherish each moment I have with him, even in the middle of the night, because I realize how quickly these sweet little days pass by. I love how he will just gaze up into my face with a look of total love and dependence. Seeing this makes me think of our Heavenly Father and how we need to look to him with that same feeling. Just as Benjamin relies on me as his mother to care for him, love him and keep him safe; I too strive to rely on my Father in Heaven, putting my hand in his and letting him help me and guide me through life. Through his son, Jesus Christ, I can have power to do what he asks of me.
Babies are a true reminder of heaven, no wonder we hold them and tenderly smile into their pure faces.
Families are Forever.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Benjamin Turner Siler

We are pleased to announce the birth of our son, Benjamin Turner Siler. He joined us 23 Jul 2008 (on his due date), weighing 7 lb 2 oz, and was 20 inches long.

Both mother and baby are healthy and happy and would appreciate any prayers on their behalf.

We have more photos and videos on our family website, on Benjamin's temporary page (click here).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still a'ROUND'

Just a small update for me. I am now 39 weeks. The longest I have ever been pregnant with three pregnancies. I have gained and weigh the most I have ever gained and weighed in my entire life! :-) Through this all, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, if our little baby doesn't pop out on his own he will be "induced" out on the 23rd. At the latest we will be able to hold and cuddle with a new little baby by the end of next week! Yeah!

As we were waiting at the doctor's office, a man and his wife came in with their newborn. The man had a very funny t-shirt on that I felt I should get (being left handed). The shirt said, "I may be left handed, but I am always right!" That made me laugh. It was nice to see a fellow left-hander.

Left handers Day: August 13th

Being left handed I have often wondered, "Why are some lefties and some righties?" I know my parents told me they tried putting the crayon in my right hand, but I chose the left. My mom also told the the tale that having children after you are 30 makes the chances of being left handed more likely. In my family's case, it seems to stand to reason since I am the only one born after she turned 30, and am also the only lefty.

I remember in high school I was excited to take a calligraphy class. Little did I know that calligraphy was completely made for right handed people. That didn't stop me from learning the beautiful writing styles. I still used the same pen as everyone else (although I heard that you can buy a special lefty pen), I just adapted and tilted my pen away from my hand to match those of my right handed students. I loved that class, but boy was it uncomfortable writing in such an abnormal way!

Well, here's to being left handed!

Funny thing, I found a site devoted to left handers and their club:


Friday, July 11, 2008

Anticipation Building

The past couple of days I have been feeling not so great. One part of me keeps telling me that perhaps these are the beginning days of the end. Well today I really felt terrible. I ended up calling Clark home and he took care of the children and let me rest. I am not sure if resting was a good idea or not, because now I feel just fine... and the time to head out to the hospital hasn't come. Oh well.

I think the anticipation is also building for the children. They are very excited about having a new little baby and getting to "help" take care of him. Clark pulled out our bassinet box and invited the children to help him put it together, and they loved it. They kept looking into it cooing and talking to the baby they imagined would soon be in there. This made me smile and appreciate my sweet little children.

My children really are little stars in my life. Since I have had a hard time in the mornings, they often play together for what seems like an hour before I actually pull myself out of bed. David will say, "We are having fun playing together so that you can get a little more rest." When Rebecca saw me she would say, "How you feeling?" She asked this several times and different times of the day. She has a gift to be so understanding when someone doesn't feel well or happy.

"Family is everything." --Grandma

Monday, July 7, 2008


Happy Fourth of July!

We went to the Well Branch Park festivities and they had a lot of fun free things for the children to enjoy.
David jumping on the inflatable things.
Daddy and children having a ride on the tractor train.
Coming back from the train ride.
Enjoying some juicy watermelon on a hot day.
Rebecca mostly enjoyed sitting in the stroller and observing everything.David popping balloons with darts and winning a prize. He was very excited about that.
Tossing a ball at the milk bottles.

After a nap, we went to Pflugerville Lake to get ready to see the fireworks.

Playing and waiting for the fireworks. The children really had fun with the day and I hope they have good memories, even if all they remember are the pictures. They were really scared of the fireworks, and yet they thought they were pretty. We left early because both children wanted to go home. Once we were on our way home they loved seeing all the fireworks in the distance. I guess we were too close. I haven't seen fireworks like that since being at BYU. I thought it was amazing and beautiful, especially with the lake right next to us.

We had a fun ride in the morning of the 5th on our bikes and went on an 8 mile ride. I love the chances we have at riding together. Someone from church gave us a seat that attaches to the bike, so we will be able to keep riding after our baby comes... Hopefully!

Oh, by the way... 38 weeks! (but who's counting, right?)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Piece of Chocolate

I think the heat has been getting to me and the fact that I often feel trapped inside. With these things combined, I have been struggling with being happy through out the days... A couple days ago, Clark came home and I said something about how feeling down made me want to eat some candy or something. He then gave me a little chocolate bar and I ate it. :-) As I ate it I thought of his kindness and all that he does to show his love for me and for our family. I left my "quiet place" and came out seeing things a little differently.

Things seem to be happier since then. I know it is my perspective on how I view each day and the situation I am in. I am grateful for the divine help that I have received through my "little" struggles. When I focus on being grateful and seeing the good in the day, then I feel lighter and happier inside. I am more patient with my cute little children too. I am thankful for good days.

I am very thankful for my family. They teach me so much and I have so much to learn about.