Monday, June 30, 2008

Weightless Bliss

We made it through the "sickly" week. We all took turns not feeling so well, but at least it wasn't all that bad to handle. We started the weekend on Friday and had a fun bike ride to our city park and played for a bit and slowly rode back home. I probably pushed myself too hard because I was completely exhausted. I was very thankful for a chance to go to our neighborhood swimming pool and swim. This was my first experience swimming and being pregnant. Let me tell you it was like being in heaven, feeling so weightless. I was so thankful to a person at church who loaned me her maternity swim suit. I hope that I can be as giving when someone has a need that I can help with.

I guess the only problem with swimming is getting out of the pool! Suddenly I felt twice as heavy as when I got in the pool!

Well, this week marks my 37 weeks. I am getting more and more anxious! The time is drawing to a close and then I will get to move into the next phase of taking care of a new little baby! Yeah!

Have a great new week!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nine months and sick?

Well, I was suspecting that Rebecca might have something. She played at a friends home last week and when I went to pick the children up I found out that the whole week their family had been going through some sickness. Well, perhaps she caught a little of what they had. I ended up cleaning the carpet a couple times today, then realized I was started to feel ill myself.

My question: Can being sick trigger labor? I hope that we can all make it through in one piece. I think having a baby at 36 weeks is just a bit too early, so hopefully nothing will come of it.

Poor Rebecca. She suddenly started crying saying her tummy hurt, and then I started cleaning up messes... I hope that no one else catches it.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

All Tucked In

I was having another tired day yesterday and decided to take a quiet moment in my closet. The children followed me in and saw that I was looking kind of down and worn. They left me and a moment later came back with "presents", they brought me books. David said, "Here mommy, here are some books you can read during your quiet time." They did this several times and then started bringing all their cuddle things from their beds. (pillows, stuffed animals, blankets) Then they sang me the night time song that we always sing to them and gave me kisses and told me to go to sleep.

I thought it was very sweet that they were showing me their love by giving me all the things that make them happy and comfy. What tender hearts they have.

We road our bikes again today and saw some yard sales. At the last one we went to the lady asked what the gender of our new baby is and I told her we are having a boy. Then she asked if this would be the last one. I thought it kind of strange, since I haven't really had many comments about having children from strangers. I shrugged and said we would take them one at a time. The comment I hear the most from people around here is, "looks like you've got your arms full." It just makes me laugh, and I think sure I may have my arms full but we have a lot of fun being together!

There are hard times when the children act in ways that are hard for me to handle, but there are so many of those sweet moments too (like when they "tucked" me in) that I would never trade. I love having a family.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day, a bit late

Happy Father's Day!

A fun picture just about the time we were expecting David

Welcoming David into our family
Exploring with David
Welcoming Rebecca
Daddy always having fun with us!

I always think that Fathers don't get enough gratitude when it comes to Father's day and every day. I know Clark has been the most wonderful husband and father. He does so much for our little family and seems to be the one that brightens life. He knows how to have fun and play and we always have good memories when he is home. Here is a little poem I wrote for him just for fun to remember all the good memories:
So many reasons to think of you,
The wind blows clouds and our kites with it too,
Sand castles, tents, and swimming in a pool,
Bike riding, finding pennies, and cookies that make us drool;
Building towers, eating treats,
Parking far away then walking through the streets,
Bats flying around on trips downtown,
Never a day goes by with you when a frown is not turned upside down.
Just thinking of you brightens our day,
Our family is blessed because of you...
Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Early at the Zoo

We took a trip to San Antonio to the temple again and decided to switch our routine around and go to the zoo first, when it is cooler. We were able to get in early with our membership and had so much fun letting the children play in the children's section when no one else was there. It was fun to see how active all the animals were at that time of day as well. The children loved it and then we went to the temple afterwards and enjoyed our time there as well. I love getting to spend the day together.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It Is Official

I was having a hard time thinking of anything to write because the only thing that seems to be on my mind is having a baby right now! (I am 34 weeks today) Then I realized haven't shared Clark's fun news that he has officially finished his Master's degree. We hadn't heard anything, and I guess they sent the degree to my parents.
One more down, one to go!
As I view some of my family and friends blogs and see how they are doing, I am amazed to see how cool the temperatures are in those places... even to the point of snow in June! I wish we could have a cool breeze come through and take us down from the 96 degree weather. So to all who have cooler weather, enjoy some of that cold air for me. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a deep breath.
Have a good week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Good Old Days

We were singing this song the other day and Clark joked about finding the video on YouTube, and then he did! It sure made me smile to remember those days.

Clark also added pictures to our family website for the month of May:

There are some you have already seen and some new ones. We are making it through another HOT week. Today being around 99 degrees. We took a walk down to our swimming pool, which we haven't done since last year, and found it closed because of vandalism again! We seem to have bad luck when it comes to making it to that pool when it is actually open. We were so sad. So we came home and played in the sprinklers. Maybe next time we can swim. I really think we haven't been swimming in a year and a half... Not since we moved here. Better luck next time.