Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here is a video to make you smile. Clark recorded Benjamin crawling from his room down the hallway, this is just one small segment. He is such a sweet, happy little boy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Corrizo Springs, Texas

A friend of Clark invited our family down to visit his hometown, Corrizo Springs, to visit the biggest onion farm in the world! (see Dixondale Farms here) His family told us they pretty much supply most of the nations onions, it was all amazing. To top it off, they had five Daschunds for the children to play with. Rebecca took to the cute little dogs quickly and was running and chasing them. David was nervous at first, but then quickly made friends. They loved them so much, especially one named Beans.
Here are a few fun pictures of the trip:

On our drive down, we took a rest stop. We had a good laugh that this water spout was right next to a sign that said "Danger High Voltage".

Rebecca is our little cowgirl. When we visit farms, she always climbs the fences to watch everything.

Benjamin was amazed by the animals. He was watching them so closely. The little kids (goats) sounded so much like Benjamin, or maybe Benjamin was imitating them.

David loved taking pictures of all that he saw, too bad we forgot to take a picture of them with the cute dogs. Here they are learning about the irrigation system and also looking at cantaloupes.

The family let the children pick a bunch of onions to take home. David wanted to keep picking the whole row. We we arrived at the farm and opened the door, there was a delicious smell of onions in the air. What a good smelling farm!

David picking away!

They also let David and Rebecca take turns driving this giant tractor. David did well, stayed mostly on the road.

This gives you an idea of how big this thing is. It has four giant wheels in the back and the two smaller ones in the front. The biggest tractor I have ever seen!

We had a lot of fun visiting this little town and spending time together. Although, we are always so happy to come home. At least mommy and daddy are... I have found the most fun I have on trips is seeing my children have a wonderful time. We had fun driving down and playing games and reading books. I drew on a sheet of paper all sorts of pictures for the children to look for on our drive, put it on a cookie sheet and gave them some magnets. They had fun finding the matches to their pictures and putting magnets on it, when they used up all the magnets, they would get a treat. Then, when that was all done, we pulled out a bag of books and read books the rest of the way. Good memories.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Photographer

We took our usual trip on Wednesday to San Antonio to visit the temple and decided to go to the zoo again. We love visiting those wonderful places. This time we let David take pictures of things he liked. We were given an old camera from a friend and Clark thought it would be fun to let David use it for picture taking. Here a two of my favorites:

I love getting to visit the temple. While Clark did a session, I took the children to a nearby park and we had fun playing in the cool morning air. The children have grown so much, they are able to climb everything and play everywhere, they especially liked the dome. They climbed all over it, even Rebecca!

Benjamin and I had fun swinging and then when he got tired, he liked staring up into the trees and watching the birds. We love bird watching around here because there are so many different kinds of birds: Mockingbirds, Finches, Doves, Red-winged Black birds, Grackles, Killdeers, Scissored-tailed Flycatchers, Cardinals... Just to name a few, and those few I have spotted around our house and neighborhood.
We love watching nature. Yesterday we found a poor little baby bird and were sad to find that we didn't know how to help it. So we tried to keep it safe and hope that the parents would be able to help it too. Spring is so beautiful, but I have been so sad to see the reality of living in a world where there is opposition in all things, where the young little birds and nests are exposed to so much danger. I will try to imagine that the little bird finally was able to get off the ground to fly back up into the trees and be safe from the harm on the ground.
Those are my thoughts, and now we are off on another adventure to explore the South end of Texas! Away we go!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Comfort and Discomfort

I wanted to share some good news. Our Stake Relief Society service project is to make quilts and at our Women's Conference we will gather together to tie them. These quilts will then be sent to the church's Humanitarian Services where they can be given to those in need. I volunteered to sew a quilt and here it is. I am excited because it is the first quilt I have ever sewn together! I hope that whomever ends up with this quilt will find it sturdy and cozy.

Now for the uncomfortable part... When my in-laws were visiting, they sounded sad that they hadn't seen any fire ants yet. I thought I would do them a favor and send a little video of a colony living near my house. This is why we are very careful not to tread on their big, beautiful homes. (Fire ants are very aggressive; they first bite you and while holding on will then sting you)

I hope you enjoyed that. If you can't see very well, the dirt looks like it turned red but that is really lots and lots of ants pouring out to attack the disturber. These ants build mountains all around and the mountains seem to get bigger just after a rain storm. I always thought it was interesting that one of the first things our little children learned while they were still very young is to spot a fire ant colony. The things our children learn to stay safe.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and a Visit!

We had a fun time this weekend, especially because Clark's parents came to visit us! Yeah! The children loved having Grandma and Grandpa for Easter. They loved having them read books, play at the park, and go to church with them. Unfortunately they had to leave to go home yesterday, this morning David and Rebecca were taking turns standing at the front door sadly calling to Grandma and Grandpa to come back. "Grandma.... Grandpa.... Come back..." Thanks for visiting us!

Here are some fun pictures of the fun.

Grandpa reading to the children.

Benjamin loving his Grandma.

David and Rebecca getting ready to go on an egg hunt! Our hunt was done by the Primary out behind the church, it turned out to be really fun!

Counting all her eggs she found.

David finding eggs.
Rebecca enjoying Easter morning.

David enjoying his Easter morning. You might notice the olives in the background. We decided to add something to their Easter treat that might remind them of Christ and the real reason for Easter. We put olives in and when the children asked why, we told them of Gethsemane and how it was an olive tree garden, etc. I hope to continue the tradition of adding something each Easter that will help us remember the real reason for Easter: Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.

Rebecca ready for church.

Benjamin on Easter, munching his toes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They Spoke to Us

Picture David drew during a talk on temples

We had a wonderful General Conference weekend. For those who don't know what this is, it happens twice a year where our church gathers world wide to listen to the prophet and apostles and other general leaders. You can find the talks here.

Our family has a few traditions we keep during this wonderful meeting that we watch on our computer at home. We have a bowl of candy for good listeners, the children pick a word to listen for (for example: "love"), and when the good listener hears that word they get to eat a piece of candy. The children really love this game and it also helps them to listen.

From early on in our marriage Clark and I have enjoyed eating deviled eggs for our lunch during one of the sessions. I don't know why we chose this, but I think we had it once and loved eating them and just decided to make it a tradition.

In the past, Clark would come home from Priesthood session and I would sit with him and eat ice cream and hear all that he heard there. We haven't kept consistent with that, mainly because it is too late for ice cream for us; however, he still tells me all that he heard. I am amazed at how well he relays the messages to me. When I go to read them later in the Ensign I feel like I already heard the whole talk before, and then I remember it was Clark who shared the talk with me.

I love listening to the Prophet, the Apostles, and the General Authorities. I feel more determined to live a Christ-like life, to be better in my life, and serve others more freely. My testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel is strengthened. I love General Conference.