Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Here we are walking to school, which happens to be just around the corner from us. That is the school in the background.

My sweet boy is now at school. He is very excited, but as you can see he is also a little nervous. I hope he is having a good day!

We had time to read together and enjoy hugging and loving each other before we left. Daddy even surprised us by being there to go to school with us!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Summer: A New Beginning

Here is the end of Summer. Now we enter a new season of life. Here is what will happen:

Little Benjamin is starting to look not so little anymore. In this picture he is enjoying time playing the piano. He has loved pianos since he was little, so from the beginning. Now that he can move around himself, when he hears me playing the piano he will crawl as fast as he can to play with me. He will be going into nursery in January, which is coming fast. I am sure he will be running around by then too!

Here is David. He is now entering the school age. He will start Kindergarten on Tuesday and my biggest little boy won't be little for much longer... He is already starting to read and write, and create many things. In this picture he is giving a talk during family home evening about the Nephites from the Book of Mormon. Somehow our children came up with this podium by standing on a little chair behind our bench.

Here is Rebecca. She is my big girl, the same size as her big brother and always making me forget she is still only three. Since she was two I have felt that she and David were the same age, she has wanted to keep up with him and be his best friend through and through. Now they will be separated by school. She will be in a Mother's Co-op Preschool group which will happen once a week. She is starting to be interested in really knowing her letters. She and David love to sit while Mommy or Daddy read stories to them. (even for hours at a time on some days) She is our sensitive little girl, aware of every creation and every creation is her friend. Here she is giving a talk during Family Home Evening on Temples, her favorite place in the whole world.

Here comes Fall and our new beginning.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to Normal

I haven't posted in a while and the reason mainly being that I was having a hard time and can't think of anything to say when times get tough. I was mainly struggling to adjust back to normal after all the fun I had when my family came to visit. I wake up in the morning wish I had somewhere fun to go and fun people to be with. Things just didn't seem so fun when you don't have visitors...
After two hard weeks, I think we have finally adjusted back to normal. We have relearned to take our trips to the park in the mornings and spend more time at the library reading books. We are very excited at preparing David for school in just a couple weeks. He is very excited and very ready. I will be sad not to have him home with me all the time, but I know he will have so much fun having the school experience. There is so much fun in going to school and having a desk, backpack, lunch, crafts, games, etc. He will have an all day Kindergarten, and I will miss him so much! My sweet boy is growing so fast.