Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cold February?

We have had cold moments, but it feels so much like Spring! We took a trip down to San Antonio today, our monthy trip. We were able to attend the temple and to take the children to the zoo afterwards. Since we go down so often we have a pass to the zoo and have loved every minute. I think we are really learning the different kinds of animals. Today we were looking at the lions and suddenly one started roaring, the children thought it was amazing and kept talking about it for the rest of the day. What fun it is to spend time together!


The Bourne Family said...

Is that the San Antonio Temple? It's really pretty. Who watches the kids while you go in, or do you just trade? That's fun that you're able to be out so much. I love our Utah winters, but I'm starting to want Spring!

Maryann said...

That is the San Antonio Temple. It is a smaller temple, and so wonderful. We just trade off each time we go. (One will do a session, another will do initiatories or sealings) It has worked well. There is a zoo just a few minutes away, so after we are done, we change and take the children to the zoo. It fills up the whole day, but is a very good memory to keep.