Sunday, March 2, 2008

CROP out Hunger

Yesterday, I took the children, while Clark did some school functions, to the CROP Walk. Our church in this area participates in it every years and encourages the members to support it as well. It is a worldwide religion thing, and is fun to do. We walked a about a mile out, and then back. It represents that many people in the world have to walk that far just to get water, at then end of that mile they gave us water to drink. I don't know if the children understood that we were participating in something important or if it was just a walk to them, but they enjoyed it. The walk was through a wooded area and was very pretty.

I was thankful to get to participate this year. Since Clark wasn't able to go, I was worried about getting there; it is out of my comfort area. The walk was across the river just south of downtown Austin. We made it there and really had fun. What a blessing, and it was fun to see how many people came to participate.

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Christy said...

Hope all is well! Haven;t heard form you in a while. Hug the kids for us!