Friday, October 3, 2008

A Party at the Park

Most of the time when we go to Pfluger Park, David spends half the time gathering sticks together to make a "fire" and leaves together to "roast marshmollows". Today he claimed a picnic table and was setting out sticks and leaves for everyone that would come to his "party". He even found ribbons on the ground. To top it all off, he found quite a few tickets scattered on ground.

I was anxious to get back home, but David's party was finally ready. He walked across the park to where a group of children were playing and asked them to come to his "party" and he distributed the tickets to them. (he even encouraged them to ask their mommies) The children complied and were all excited to join the party. I post-poned our departure to see how it all turned out. The children had a blast, and I felt it was a very good learning experience for David.

Children really do learn a lot when they play, don't they. David is so cute in what he can imagine.

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