Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Stories


David has been putting little eyes in all sorts of places after we bought a book with a packet full of the eyes. Here is one cute example of what his imagination comes up with.
A Quick Nap
Our little Benjamin is was sitting so quietly while we were in the kitchen, then we noticed that he had in fact fallen asleep just sitting there with his arm draped over the edge.
Peter Rabbit

If you look closely you will see our little friend Rabbit that likes to take naps just outside our window. The children love going to look out the window every day and see if he is there. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. When he isn't there, David says he is off eating somewhere.

And the Winner is...

DAVID! The University had a, would you call it, contest at a Christmas activity we attended. We received a phone call the next week saying our names were drawn for the little boys bike. Yeah! David is an expert bike rider and often scares the other mothers at how fast he can ride. (scared because they are afraid he will fall down) He has been riding a bike since he was three, he really is fast!

Long Sleeping

Benjamin has really started falling into a sleeping pattern now that his he almost five months. I needed to go somewhere the other day and was sad to have to wake him up. I just had to snap a picture while I had the chance. There is something special about looking at a sleeping baby.
Also, a note about the blanket. I used to be the Primary teacher for the girls that are about 11, once I had Benjamin they released me from that to give me time with my baby. One of my sweet girls made me this blanket, and it is the cutest softest blanket. Benjamin loves it.

Three in a bed, and the little one said...

From the time we had David as a baby I have taken a picture of my children snuggled up in Mommy and Daddy's bed. They love being all cuddled up together.

For Grandma

Grandma sent some fun holiday clothes for the children. They love these clothes and look festive wearing them. Thank you! We love you!

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So cute! My dad said hello.:)