Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Could it Be?

Just the other day, when we were enjoying a warm evening, a rumor started that we might get snow this week. I said that I didn't believe it and predictions have been wrong before. I knew it would be cold and that it would rain, so I wasn't surprised when we woke up to rain, but there was another sound with the rain: ice.

I walked David to school our heads turned from the ice that was blowing out of the north, and not long after that the ice became small and clumped up together to make big fluffy snowflakes. Here is the result:

We played in snow here for the first time,
and you can see we are well equipped with proper clothing.


I heard a noise and came over to see Rebecca pelting the windows.
I think I won't be so hard on the weather predictions in the future! We had snow all day and there is still a little bit on the ground.

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