Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nice Kitty, nice Kitty...

Last night we had one of those Family Home Evenings that would be a great church video (as a good example).

Each person has their role down so nicely. The littlest one leading the music at our make-shift podium. Our oldest giving the lesson with a flannel board. Then, my favorite part, the game. We played a game called, "Nice Kitty, nice Kitty." We all sat in a circle and the person who is "it" pretends to be a cat and tries to get someone to laugh. The others would have to say, "Nice kitty, nice kitty", without smiling while the cat tries to make them laugh by being/doing what cats do.

I think we are all terrible at keeping straight faces and we would burst out laughing, not to mention we couldn't stop smiling the entire time! The children loved pretending too. We were rolling around on the floor.

Times like these help me to see the wonderful blessings of having a family. The joy is more than I could have imagined.

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