Thursday, April 15, 2010


After years of living in Texas we have never gone out to do the Texas tradition of taking pictures in the bluebonnets. We have actually one seen them once before, because of the drought we have been in for a few years we didn't see many in recent years. We really wanted to capture it this year in case it is the last time we see it.

We found a field near our house and had fun seeing flowers all along the way. Some of those flowers are pictured in the previous post, but the ground was too wet to actually go into the field. Yesterday we finally did it. The children were cute and wanted to hold hands.

David loves finding thistles, which really are a beautiful flower.

I had no idea how big these flowers were. The children would go explore and when they were lying down, they would disappear in the flowers. As you can see, the flowers are almost as tall as Benjamin! Beautiful, just beautiful!

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