Monday, June 28, 2010

Endless Fun

Every now and then we stop by the Library and trade our bag of books for more book and the children have weeks worth of fun reading them. Actually, they have a day or two worth of fun reading them, then rereading them the rest of the week we keep them.

I have found when I am struggling with the children being a little too wild for my sanity I sit down on the couch and say, "Who wants to read with me?" Then all three will run and find a book they want and we will sit and read for as long as each of us can handle. It is a nice quiet time activity and gives a bit of variety. My children love books.

Even our little one can sit and listen through a stack of books. I just need to get used to the piles of books I tend to find all over now...

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Mindy said...

You just described life at our house so far this summer! Books, books, and more books. We're pretty much in heaven. Are you taking advantage of all of the summer reading programs to capitalize on more books? ;)