Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homemade Fun!

Not too long ago, a friend asked us what we do for fun. As I sat their and thought about what our family does when we have breaks and vacations, my only reply was, "I think our family has a different view of what is fun." We don't go to theme parks, or travel great distances; in fact, the times we have the most fun are when we just stay home and play together. There is something relaxing about playing at a park, in the front yard, or even just inside with toys. The only other place we go to have fun would be when we travel to the temple and make the whole day a family day.

Fun does not have to cost, and in reality it shouldn't cost anything. All it takes to have a great day is creativity!

Here are some moments of fun:

The children love when we make anything from the wheat we grind. I think their fascination stems from seeing something come from what seems to be nothing.

For a boys day out, Clark took them to feed the ducks and found fun in exploring the area as well. Who knew a culvert could be so fun!

All I can say is "a bad hair day". We have some strange ducks.

We have loved having corn on the cob. The children love peeling and cleaning the corn, it makes it feel like we have our own garden. (which I hope to have someday...)

At first we cut the corn off for this little one, but he wouldn't eat it and kept reaching over to our plates wanting to take bites out of our corn. Finally we gave him his own and he devoured it! He must have great biting abilities!

Homemade fun, that is all it comes to.


Clark Siler said...

What a fun family!

Amanda said...

What a cute picture of Benjamin eating his corn. Those rolls look delicious too! You're so right about not having to spend money to have fun.