Monday, March 28, 2011

Creatures Big and Small

My children are lovers of many different kinds of creatures, whether they be real or imaginary. Often on our walks to school or parks it isn't uncommon for us to stop frequently to look at a ladybug, rolly-polly, tiny millipedes, or even the big clumsy June bugs.

Now with butterflies and moths emerging from their hiding places, my children want to explore even more! They love to catch the bugs very carefully, examine them, and then let them go. They are good little explorers.

We have also had a fun trip to see the rodeo grounds. We loved seeing and touching big creatures. As you can see, we also enjoyed exploring the machinery as well.

Our littlest bug, munching away at his fingers.
I just want to kiss those cheeks all the time.

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Karen said...

those cheeks definitely look kissable!