Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What do you do when it rains? Our children love getting in their swim suits and going to play in all the puddles! This was a perfect day to play as well. The rain poured down, and it was refreshing! Can we just say that we love our home? We do.

Stopped for the picture

Unsure of getting wet, but still wanting to play.

No hesitation here. This monkey loves water!

We continue our search for alligators, but get to see many other neat things along our way! Like a bird that doesn't float on the water, it swims! (Like Anhinga which you can see with its long neck sticking out of the water)

Up high in the look out tower to "ascertain our whereabouts". We tried to see if we could see alligators from above, but no luck. We did see a Purple Gallinule! (link here to see)

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