Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Heritage

Recently my mother gave me a couple boxes of special family items. I sat down on the floor and felt like a child at Christmas seeing these special items. My heart filled as I held these special things in my hands and realized my great-grandparents held them as well. It made my extended family feel so much closer and more real to me.

Family near and far-- past, present, and future-- has always been very important to me. I feel so grateful to those who have gone before, and hope I can do well in helping those who will continue after me.

I pulled this cute little basket from my cupboard because I have felt it would be so beautiful with flowers in it. Every time I saw it or smelled these flowers I thought of my family from the past.

How thankful I am that I know we are a forever family. I will get to see these wonderful family members sometime in the future. What joy we will have hugging one another.

Thank you, Mom, for passing this heritage on to me.

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Karen said...

I love putting flowers in items like that, too. My mom always does that.