Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bonkers for Bananas

For many months now we have kept a close eye on this plant. In fact, I think I have been watching it from the first time I set foot here! I anxiously waited for the bananas to look plump enough, and finally I could not wait any longer.

We went out and chopped off this bunch then chopped down the whole plant. I am so surprised to learn that each plant only produces bananas once. (although it may have a sprout growing nearby) Come to think of it, it seems I learned pineapples only produce one fruit as well, although I am not sure. (this is all so new to me)

We let the bananas sit in our kitchen for a couple weeks and now they are ready to be eaten and many to be frozen. They are the perfect size for little hands!

What is exciting is that we found that another of our plants is starting to grow a banana bunch as well. We will have fun watching this next one grow too!

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