Friday, June 22, 2012

Giggle Pigs

Giggle Pigs, the nickname for the cute guinea pigs that Clark came up with. His reason is that it makes us all giggle to hear the cute little piggies when they squeak, skitter, and chirp. How the children love these cuties, Patch and Shadow (but David wants them to have creative spellings of "Pach and Shado", which I just can't bring myself to do).

We have been dreaming of getting a little pet, but have not been able to see it happening.  Then suddenly someone was giving the whole package of two female guinea pigs and cage, etc., together and we jumped at it.  I think we will be a pet owning family from here on out.  There is something special about loving and taking care of something so innocent and pure. I love seeing my children care for them like they were their own babies.  We voted on what we wanted to change their names to, but we decided the names they had suited them just fine. 

Patch, lives up to her name with all her spots.

Shadow, lives up to her name being shy.
Rebecca has informed us that we are now a family of eight, and she is the proud big sister of two little sisters.  Our guinea pigs are now a part of our family.  I guess we need to find little cars seats for the giggle pigs for when we take trips as a family.

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gaylene said...

love the name "giggle pigs" cute!