Monday, December 3, 2012

Being Watched Over

We have had a few experiences lately that have resulted in a very thankful heart.  We had a fun adventure planned to play at the beach over Thanksgiving break with our relatives.  However there was a red flag indicating that the ocean was treacherous.  We decided to play on the shore instead, but the beach we chose happened to have a pretty small beach.

David and the giant waves
As long as we stayed behind the rocks the water didn't seem to get us.  Some of the waves would spray over the rocks and make little pools the children loved to play in.

Rebecca playing in the sand, unaware of the giant wave.
We had a fun time playing for a little while; then Andrew started getting cold and we decided it was about time to leave.  I took Andrew over to the little pools to rinse his hands and feet when to our surprise a huge swell of a wave came over the rocks and quickly came up the my knees.  In all our confusion to get away from the water, poor little Benjamin was about to be covered by the waves.  We are so thankful that Clark saw his danger and ran to him quickly.

Poor Benjamin after the big wave.  I don't think he will want to play in the ocean for a long time.
That is just one example of feeling watched over.  I know that God watches over us and if we turn to him in all things he will bless us, guide us, and protect us.  I am thankful to know that my life is being watched over and it is not completely up to me.

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