Monday, August 24, 2015

New Beginnings

Have the last movie night before school started.  We love when Daisy snuggles with us.

First day of school for the older three.  They really like their teachers and classes.

Along with a new year, Benjamin lost his first tooth!  He was nervous and when it popped out he was happy that it was easier than he thought.  The tooth fairy even left him a letter.  You can't see the hole very well because a big tooth was already growing in behind.

The family loves to give me flowers on our walks.  We love these plumeria flowers.

The other night I was taking Daisy out for one last go and she did a number 2 in the yard.  I walked over with my bag in hand trying to see where it was to pick it up when suddenly I walked right into a web.  I looked up to see this very intimidating spider hanging almost in my eyes!  It is a giant orb weaver and it is only there at night.  Everyday its web is gone, but every night it comes back.

Glad it didn't land on my head!  Ick!  I had shivers the rest of the evening, and I am a little less willing to go wandering about at night.

Today Andrew is having his first day of school.  He is excited to have his own backpack!  (the only one who got a new backpack this year)

He was also excited to ride his bike all the way to school!  As we rode, he told me it was really hard but "I am NOT giving up!"

When we got to school he had a complete transformation.  His lower lip trembled, his eyes turned watery, and he was speechless.  Like the good mom I was, I hug and kissed him and tried to leave before I decided to take him with me. 

As I rode home I wondered why Andrew seemed so small to me.  He is probably the tallest child I have in comparison to the others at that age.  When David was four I thought he was so BIG!  Now I see that in my eyes David is still the same size as he was five years ago, which means all these other people are just getting smaller!  How can they all grow so fast!  Now my lower lip is trembling.  I think I will go hug Daisy...  because it is just her and me...  Waaaaahhhh.

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