Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boosterthon Fun Run!

Boosterthon is the best school fundraiser I have ever seen. The children love it so much and it is so full of fun and energy. We were so excited to go and cheer on all the students. Here is a glimpse of all that fun!

We made a sign to cheer on our special guy and his class.  It also provided great shade as well.

They announce each class and the class comes running through with their flag held high.

Getting all pumped before they are let loose to run!

The first lap was a walk lap with the pace flag.

First lap

Just before they let them run.

Running his heart out
Running with a stop at the water booth

His finished stance!

High-fiving everyone still running.

Finished all 35 laps!  Way to go!
I loved getting to cheer all the children on, but I especially love this guy and his energy.

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