Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reading Time

This is David and his very good friend reading together. I love when the children sit down and reading the stories to themselves and watch their imagination tell what is happening. They can create and do so many things with their imagination. Sometimes David will be having a conversation all by himself and I will peek to see what he is doing and he will be sitting their having his fingers talk to each other.
One morning while I was getting ready, David was sitting in my closet talking. I looked over to see one foot up on the wall and the other foot saying, "That's too high, you better come down." The other foot answering saying, "Okay, I will come down." I love seeing him use his imagination. Now I just need to work on getting him to enjoy playing outside in the backyard with his imagination and then he will be in a world of his own. Being a very white skinned person, I haven't really enjoying being outside a whole lot (at least as I have grown older). The sun always seems to burn my skin. I have a hard time getting all of us outside to play, and David won't really play outside unless I am right there next to him... Although, I think as Rebecca gets old enough, they play a lot more together. Rebecca will laugh so hard, and she has quite the laugh, when David plays with her.
Children are such a joy.

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