Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Farther Up and Further In"

I just recently finished the last book in "The Chronicles of Narnia--The Last Battle" and have had it on my mind. I love how C.S. Lewis has twisted religion into this story by making parallels that are sometimes hidden and sometimes very obvious.

Aslan, the lion, says something in this last book that I have been thinking about. He says and then it is repeated a number of times, "Farther up and further in." As I contemplated this meaning in our devotion to God and our desire to return to him, I realize that I need to press on in my life and go "farther up and further in". In order to find the peace and happiness Heavenly Father wants me to have, I need to go further in my efforts. Further in my devotion of serving and loving others, further in reading the scriptures, further in doing the will of my Father and following Christ's example. Farther up in going to the temple, since the temple is compared to a hill or mountain in the scriptures. As I go "up" to the temple and "in" to the scriptures, there I will find that the Lord can make more of my life than I could ever imagine, and the glory of being in the presence of my Father again will be the awesome reward.

So, go "farther up and further in"!


ladybug143 said...

I have not read this series yet, can you believe it. I am slowly collecting copies of them though. I check Goodwill all the time. I have 2 books. I think I am just going to check them out at the library until I can find them all. I am so cheap. :)

Maryann said...

That is what we did. We found the first one at a yard sale and got the rest from the library. I loved them!

Doug said...

There is an omnibus that has all of the stories,It was published shortly after the release of The Lion The witch and The Wardrobe. If you can fin it it would be cheaper than trying to hunt down all the books. Besides it makes a great hand me down between generations. You cant do that with library books