Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day

We had our first official day of Preschool yesterday. I am teaching them at home, and we had fun learning together. I have had fun arranging it so that David can continue in his learning of the alphabet, and also trying to help Rebecca learn the alphabet. I am afraid that we haven't done a very good job in helping her recognize letters. (although I think she recognizes a few, just not very many)

I hope that they will enjoy learning and also the time we spend together doing activities and reading. I felt it would give me a chance to interact with them in a fun way. I am surprised at how much David knows! For family home evening we had an activity of reading this from the Friend Magazine (here is the link):

David had so much fun reading the pictures, but I was most impressed by how he quickly figured out the ones with letters on them. I really think he is learning quickly how to read! My little boy is growing so much!
Hopefully Rebecca will have fun this preschool year and learn a little more about colors, shapes, letters, and such! :-) We will have fun! That's is for sure!


ladybug143 said...

You are wonderful. I am going to be starting with Victoria this year too, I am just not sure where to start. It is kind of overwhelming! Cute picture!

Simply AnonyMom said...

That is an adorable picture. They both look so happy.

Lex starts preschool (Pre-K) next week. I am so sad that he will be getting on the bus each day and starting his life without me. I wish I had a group of people to do home pre-school with like you do. I think Lex and JoJo would love going together. JoJo gets evaluated soon and we will see if she goes to the preschool at the elementary school soon.

Clark Siler said...

David had it all figured out by the time he got to lemonade--the smile of pure joy that he figured it out all on his own was precious. He was unstoppable after that!

Maryann said...

I did do the trade off thing with other mothers last year, but I didn't think I could handle it with six four year olds and my other two. So this year I have made it a Siler Preschool and we are just doing it with the two of them, that is why I thought it would be a nice fun time together.