Monday, January 12, 2009

Laughter of Children

Clark and I chose to take the marriage and family class at church and we are now to the second half of the class that focuses on raising our children. I have been trying to look at my children from a different perspective and see the light they bring into our family. I have found it true that "Children express their love in original and innovative ways." (President Monson, "Precious Children, A Gift from God") My children really have their unique personalities and ways of bringing joy into our home.

David is turning five this week and he has turned into an energetic loving boy. He loves speeding around our house playing, chase and being silly. He also loves to snuggle up with his mommy or daddy on the couch for cuddles and to read a book. He has a great imagination for story telling, and when he sits down to draw a picture he has to tell a story as he draws it. He loves being fast!

Rebecca will be just as silly and loves laughing, which really is very contagious. She loves caring for things and people. She even gets concerned when she hears emergency vehicles in the distance and will say, "Oh, my friend Seeckakeeka is hurt..." (with a concerned face, and huffy puffy breathing). She likes to take things a little slower. She will play the chase games with David but really doesn't like it. She likes to sit and cuddle too. She really comes up with the funniest ideas, like the picture above. What a funny girl who touches your heart with every "big" kiss she loves giving.

Benjamin is so sweet and happy. If he is sad, all you have to do is give him a smile and through his crying he starts smiling too. He has a smile for almost everyone, but he loves watching his big brother and sister, they make him smile the most. Even though he is only little, he already knows how to give big hugs. He is a joy to all of us.
Children really do brighten our homes. I am thankful for the children Heavenly Father sent me.


ladybug143 said...

So very cute! Your kids are adorable!

Dad said...

We loved the little pool video and David running around with his little short legs. And the pictures and stories are cute.