Monday, June 22, 2009

"Fathers are so Special"

The children and I had a fun week preparing for Father's Day. Clark is always so good at surprising me and I really wanted to surprise him this time. We bought some shirts and each of us took turns painting our hands and painting the shirts, even Benjamin joined in. We worked on them while Clark was away at work and finished in time to mail the two out to Grandpas.

David and I took a secret trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a special treat for Clark. Clark loves baking desserts and we wrapped up ingredients for a Chocolate Cheesecake. Clark made a delicious cheesecake. We have been nibbling on it ever since he made it.

We are so thankful to Clark and Grandpas. We love them very much and are grateful for all their hard work in building our family.


Rockin Rowe's said...

Cute shirts. Save some cheesecake for me!

Anonymous said...

those shirts are adorable.