Sunday, January 30, 2011

Make Your Cake 'N' Eat it Too

We have loved having my parents to visit. Even though it is not an exciting adventure in exploring Texas, we have enjoyed playing and relaxing. Here are some pictures of the birthday fun that happened yesterday:

Since I had pulled out the camera, I decided to go crazy trying to take pictures. We are not very good at remembering to take pictures when visitors are here because we are wrapped up in just being together.
Andrew was sitting so cozily on my lap. I just love snuggling with that little lumpy boy. We have a hard time resisting urges to kiss his cheeks and fuzzy head.

After the party, we had some fun with marbles. My children make up what they call "stories" with anything, even marbles can be characters in a story, or dinner as well! They have such active imaginations, I think they were in that wonderful world all day yesterday. David and Rebecca are truly the best of friends.

The new ove'glove!

The fun new oil spray can! All the thanks goes to my parents for the great gifts!

The children and I tried to surprise Clark with a birthday sign while he was out jogging with my dad in the morning. We all worked together (except Andrew of course, too young).

Snuggling with Grandma.

Clark had his day, he made his own cake (you know he loves making desserts, how could I rob him of that joy), and he ate it too!
Here he is, ready to "blow".

The happy baker!

Happy Birthday to the greatest friend, husband, father, son, and whatever else he may be:
He is the best!

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Clark Siler said...

Thanks, Beautiful! I think you're wonderful, too (and whatever else)!