Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family Night!

Not too long ago, the children and I were playing at a park and I saw these metal cage-like things in different places near by. I stood their staring at them wondering what they were. I couldn't see any food, if it was to feed the animals. I wasn't sure if it was a trap, but it looked so easy to escape... In the end I just turned my attention to playing and forgot about this strange thing.

Months went by, and we took a walk through our little path in our neighborhood. They have been changing it and adding things to make it more enjoyable all over. To my surprise I saw these "cages" again. I wondered again at what this strange thing could be. Clark happily chirped, "Oh, that is Frisbee golf. I played that with my colleagues in San Diego. " Since then, when we walk down there, we have seen a continuous flow of people playing through the course.

Finally, we took our turn. Although we don't have the right kind of frisbees, we still had fun playing. We also decided to stay away from the ponds and streams for fear of losing our frisbees in the water. David did really well; I think he had the nicest frisbee.

"This is the night we've waited for; Always a treat we have in store!
We love each other more and more With every family night ..."
~Family Night (link)

Benjamin had his own idea of how to play the game: Carry as many frisbees around as you can, then go and hand place them in the "hole". As you can glimpse, I had a fun time trying to through a frisbee with Andrew sitting in a front-carrier. The best part was being together and wandering through the woods. The children loved running around the area.

Rebecca had the cutest ensemble, and really did well throwing her disc. You might be wondering by now how many frisbees we have. We brought five, but who knows how many we have around our house... I have no idea why we have so many but it is really fun that we can all have our own!

On Sunday we had Andrews blessing. Here is our first ever family picture together! It is really hard to get everyone looking in the same direction, smiling, and looking presentable! We are so thankful for our little Andrew and the children love him to bits.

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Karen said...

Fun FHE! I love your family picture. Blessing Days are always special. I love your hair. You always look beautiful.