Friday, May 20, 2011


Here is a post to show off our talents. David's picture was put up at the City Recreation Center for the Art Fair. He has a hidden pictures tree (like in the Friend).

Rebecca, Benjamin, and I were having fun playing games and doing puzzles. This is a fun puzzle she did all by herself, then you can play a search game with it.

I wasn't home for this, so may not know the story, but when I loaded the pictures up I had to laugh at this funny scene. David brought this clay home after he finished his Lochness Monster documentary. He has had fun creating many things with it. (notice there is even a worm for the fish)

I almost got rid of this shirt. I had it in the yard sale and it didn't get sold, I had it bagged up to give to a friend and ended up pulling it from the bag... Just had to keep it. Doesn't Andrew look cute! I love his calm, sweet eyes. (that is the way he is most of the time, with laughs for the funny things the children do)

Clark gave me this book for Mother's day, I started working on a painting for fun. I know it has many flaws, but it was so enjoyable to feel like I created something. I felt I learned new techniques as well.

Here is a close-up of the water, which is my favorite part.

My friend gave me this painting paper, which is fun to experiment on. This is the full picture.

I would be happy just to have the water, stump and grass in this picture. That is my favorite. Thanks, Clark for the fun.


gaylene said...

great painting! Good for you to do something you love :)

gaylene said...

oh yeah, and that's such a happy little waterfall...

Karen said...

Your painting looks amazing. I have never done anything like that and don't know that I ever will!

Maryann said...

Thanks, perhaps someday I will be as good as Gaylene...

It is always fun to dabble in new things.