Saturday, May 7, 2011

Races and the Temple

Yesterday was Friendship games and I was able to help David's class. Clark stayed home with the others and dropped by off and on to see the events. I really loved watching the children have so much fun competing.

Here is David waiting for his turn to race. He ran the 50 meter hurdles and the 50 meter race. Then they had other little competitions, and some fun games as well.

50 meter hurdles. There was the 100 meter race and 4x100 meter relay but David said he didn't qualify for that one.

They had a blow-up slide and these big balls for them to play in as well. Can you see David in the ball?

Rebecca after she ran.

Blob tag

Tug-of-war I was in charge of these five children. We had a fun time. I only wish I could have follow Rebecca around as well to take pictures of her in the sac races, etc.

Today we woke-up early and headed to the temple for an 8 a.m. session. I love how excited the children are to go to the temple. (and we don't even have the zoo to motivate anymore since our membership expired)


Amanda said...

I love that big ball that David is in. It looks like so much fun!
How great that you guys go to the temple so regularly and that your kids love it so much. You guys are such great parents!

Maryann said...

Thanks, Amanda!