Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning in Paradise

I often look out my windows and gaze at the life around me and think, "Am I really here?" I ride bikes with the children to school and see storks, egrets, and ibis and think, "I can't believe I live here!" It is so beautiful here.

Getting ready for school, I stepped out to breath in the beautiful morning.

We have many Hibiscus plants in our yard and many are starting to bust into bloom.

A butterfly tree in our yard is full of blossoms as well, and butterflies.

Another hibiscus.

Another reason I have been out in the mornings is to take care of our new little garden. This is our first time having a very own garden and I can see we need to protect it from other critters already.

We used sea shells to mark what the plants are... another use for all those shells the children bring home.

Sunrise in our backyard.

This is such an amazing place to live. If it weren't so beautiful, I might miss the snow a little, maybe.

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Dad said...

You live in paradise?