Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I realized it has been a while since I posted. Even now I am thinking I need to be doing other things, but just had to post something. I am so amazed at the life I see around me. Still, it is a shock to see gardens growing, flowers blooming, and grass needing to be cut. Isn't it winter? These are some roses I cut from my own rose bush! I never knew how much I loved roses until I could go out and see my very own roses blooming. They are so beautiful, plump, and soft!

The children love this time of year. My favorite memory is seeing my children gathered by the Christmas tree to read books in the evening. Andrew can't get enough of the tree. Thankfully nothing has broken, but he will crawl over to the same ornament (a wooden bell) and pull it off. It is always the same ornament, and it has become something we laugh at.

Mingled with all the Christmas fun, we have fun at the beach too! One of the times we went, we found these beautiful shells! They were so perfect and we can't wait to go look for more. The beach always makes me feel like a treasure hunter, you never know what you will find.

The children helped decorate this year and I think they did a wonderful job. As you can tell, this picture is old (the advent calendar is still at the beginning)... We actually put our decorations up just before Thanksgiving. It helps at to the happy feelings of thankfulness that Thanksgiving is all about.

Here they all are, decorating away.

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Karen said...

It's wonderful to get an update from you! Your decorations look great. I love sitting by the tree for stories, too. The beach?! It's December!