Saturday, July 14, 2012

Temple Perspective

I have an amazing husband. Perhaps I have said that before, but he continues to surprise me and make me smile.  We took our monthly trip to the temple and met up with cousins.  We decided to spend all our time at the temple instead of finding the nearby park to play at.  I was worried how the children would fare at the temple.  Clark had a fun idea to take pictures of the children doing fun things.  The children loved having pictures taken of themselves.  There were a lot more, but these were my favorites:

"My little sister"

A snack!


A handful of cousins.

Big to small.
We love the temple, and even though it is a long drive for the children, I love that we all go together.  We know our family can be together forever because we are working on building it together.  (our beliefs on eternal families)

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Karen said...

What a cute idea! I think you're right that it's neat for your children to go with you as they grow up.