Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Adventures

Where is the time going! Halfway threw summer and still have so many things we want to do.

Daisy enjoying the time outside.  Chewing on a stick this time.

Running laps around the house.

Motivation to watch TV, get out and exercise.

David was proud to show me he made the Japanese flag.  Andrew was just proud of his... thing.

We caught Daisy chewing on some bones and found this.

Laughing at old home videos.

Daisy loves looking out the window.  Mainly to keep an eye on all the lizards and squirrels.

Couch pillow sandwich.
Lion Country Safari!  We love this place with its variety of activities and sights to see!  

A baby giraffe walked right up to us and looked us in the eye.  So amazing that a baby is so tall!

As we drove through the safari part, we had the eery chance to see a storm come upon the animals.

Benjamin and Andrew having a blast in the water.

David's anxious face, excited to play on the slides!

Andrew patiently waiting while the others slide.

The monkeys in the jungle.

Brown Basilisk, one of the many native lizards of Florida. 

Just having fun at the park.


What a cute little monkey.

Farris Wheel ride buddies.

Ostrich chicks!

Andrews favorite ride.

David riding the giraffe.  Is that the same one we saw earlier?

Round and round we go!  Perhaps his horse will jump off like Mary Poppin's horse.

Magic elephant ride.

Look at those cute flamingos. 

We found some wild monkeys too.

The wild crew!

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