Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Other Half of Summer

Here are some of the other adventures we have had this summer. Can it be over already? This summer went by way to fast.  We had a few temple trips, and here is one where we went on a whim one Friday evening.

Having an hour of fun while we wait for Daddy.

Temple in Paradise
Our ward had a beach day activity and the water was just right for body boarding.

We have had a lot of rain every afternoon this year, along with some great lightening storms.  We have at least one lightening bolt that seems like it is hitting our neighbors house each day.  On this day the weather was safer and the children spent a little time playing in the rain.  They were still a little nervous of the thunder and so brought the water into a safer spot.

Summer crafting.  We decided to use our old adds and try to weave using Grandma's instructions.  The children love their new baskets.

While Grandma and Grandpa were with us, we took them to Lion Country Safari.  We have never had the chance to enjoy that park with anyone else so it was a lot of fun to share it with them.

Rebecca saw the squirrel monkey and kept saying, "Ah, it is so cute!"  No wonder people like them as pets.

Along with little monkeys, there was the biggest Iguana we had ever seen.

Here we found some other crazy monkeys.

The magic elephant ride (and dragons).

These boys were chasing me the whole time around and around, but they never caught my valiant horse.

Loving his choice of animal.

Riding the Farris Wheel, we were split.

Sometimes we were surrounded in mists of darkness, but we always found our way.
Grandma and Grandpa were nice to provide a memory of feeding the giraffes, which is something I never do with the children.  (except the first time)
David trying not to get his hand tangle with the tongue.

Andrew wanted to feed it, but didn't want to get close.

Benjamin's turn!

Andrew has finally started enjoying the splash pad, probably because it is deathly hot.
Here are the few pictures I took of Gainesville...  I guess I don't get the best photographer award.  I hope you all will share your pictures, I just didn't have the camera out when we went out.

Good morning room buddies.

Saturday movie time/nap time.

Saturday movie time/snack time?
Thanks for making memories with us.  You really made my summer, now I will go cry myself to sleep because you are gone.

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