Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bright and Beautiful

This morning I woke and took our puppy out into the backyard, it was so beautiful that I had to capture some pictures of my favorite spots.

Cloud are always amazing me at their constant changing and enormity.  It is almost like watching a beautiful river in the sky.  I also love seeing the light and how it changes with the clouds.

One of my favorite plants to grow is Lime Basil.  Mmm, you get the yummy flavor of limes without having an actual lime tree!  I love growing yummy plants in my little garden.

Almost seven years ago I received a little tree from a church Christmas activity, it was so cute and little and covered in sparkles.  I have kept that tree and carted across the states with me.  This little pine is now three or four feet tall.  I love how soft and green it is.

Although our little fruit trees are still small and we haven't eaten anything from them, I love watching these fruits.  I am not sure if these grapefruits will ever mature, but they are so beautiful.  They remind me so much of new life.

After we cleaned this young palm's trunk off (it was covered in years of old fronds), I was so excited to see it flowering and something that appears to be baby coconuts.  I feel like we helped this tree grow and freeing it.  Now it is bursting with life.

I love seeing these little flowers growing from what seems to be a hard place to grow, yet they are burst with life and reaching for the light.

As I wonder through my yard admiring life, I think of this beautiful song about the beauties of the earth.

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