Sunday, February 22, 2015

Birthday Weekend

We had a busy weekend but were able to have some fun in spite of it.  I was finishing a dress for Rebecca and had David help me by letting me see what length I needed to make it.  That reminded me of a picture of him years ago doing something similar.  That is when I found some pictures that made us laugh.  We saw this picture and laughed so hard that David hasn't changed much at all.  So I had to capture him imitating himself and this was the result:

October 2008 to Feb 2015
Benjamin wanted me to "post" a picture that he dressed his penguin up.  He is such a silly boy.

The cake that almost didn't happen.  Sweet girl made it a special day just by being who she is.

She actually went to a school friend's birthday party at a science lab and came home with treasures and balloons to share.  It really did feel like a birthday party after that.

After I made a picture for David's birthday, Rebecca said she wanted one too except it be a Pegasus instead of a unicorn.  My birthday gifts are pretty simple, but I love how much they appreciate them.

Birthday morning surprises from Grandma and Grandpa Rowe!  Thank you!

I finished Rebecca's dress and even though there are some flaws, I think it turned out wearable.  She is going to wear it to church. 

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