Friday, March 13, 2015

Favorite Things

Spring is here!  This morning I just couldn't help myself in admiring my yard.  I see new life growing everywhere and it is beautiful.  Although we don't experience winter like those of the rest of the country, I can't explain how much I have missed the growing season.  I love seeing the trees and plants waking up up and growing once again.

Raspberries soon to be eaten

Sitting on this bench and smelling my flowers

The first signs of blackberries

Can't wait to taste our bananas

Beautiful sky

Our baby maple


The first time our little Ponkan Mandarin is flowering

The garden is sprouting once again

Cute bundles of baby grapefruit

One of our hisbiscus has been blooming a lot and it is beautiful

It must be Spring, the Cyprus has woken up

These flowers make me want to fly away.  Beautiful Bird of Paradise bloom.
These are a few of my favorite things as Maria from the "Sound of Music" once said.  I feels so much gratitude in my heart when I see how beautiful nature is around me.  God has given us such a beautiful world.

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