Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Memory Making Week

There were several memory making moments the past couple of weeks.  I found the cookie cutters and Andrew said he wanted to make cookies.  Why not?  So we made cookies together and he loved it.

A bit of heaven with my littlest man.
The boys were supposed to go on a camp out that ended up being cancelled due to weather, and Rebecca and I had a Girls Night (even if the boys came home).  Make-up, nails, hair, movie and chocolate; what more could you ask for.

My tween
We got a little pottery wheel for Christmas that Andrew wanted to try, it ended up being pretty hard for me to figure out.  When the clay finally dried a few days later, he wanted to paint it.  As you can see he did a great job painting everything except the pot.  That made me laugh.

Good thing that paper was there.
Our friends invited us over for an egg hunt.  The children had so much fun.  They are such great friends.  We are thankful for good neighbors.

Ready to go out and find eggs.
The children were all so sweet to guide Andrew to find eggs.
Saturday we did chores and then settled down for the rest of the day to devote to General Conference.  This is how we set it all up:

Excited to listen to the Prophet and other church leaders.
Sunday morning Easter baskets found!  Then on to eating way too much candy.

We found this Easter egg in our neighborhood.  Anyone know what kind of bird egg this is?

Happy Easter!    Wish you were here in Paradise with us.

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justinian said...

What fun pictures! Looks like the kids had a blast.