Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Sandland

First of all, I need to share this crazy story. A while ago while we were driving my son exclaimed, "Look! A Dinosaur!" I looked and tried to see a dinosaur picture or statue somewhere and didn't find anything. Months went by and one day we were riding our bikes to school and I looked up and to my surprise I saw a giant dinosaur! Here it is!

Legendary Dino, can you see it?
Here we have to make do with what we have when it comes to making snowmen.  My children are always finding ways to do those winter actiivties even though we have no snow.  Japanese rice ball balloons?  Now they are a snow man. 

To continue the search for winter fun, we decided to visit Sandy Land since we were in the neighborhood.  It has become a fun tradition to go and see these great sand sculptures.

Even though we came to see the Sandy Land sculptures, the children were way more interested in the fountains.  Since it isn't cold, everyone was tempted and drawn to the fountains to dip their feet in.

The great Sandy Land tree.  Perhaps someday we will venture here at night to see it lit up!  It is still really neat during the day.

My crazy for cocoa bunch.  No worry about being frozen when you have cocoa around.

All I can say is either that little boy is "HOT" or the weather is.  I think the weather was pretty HOT!

I don't think I like sand in my ice cream, but this sculpture is pretty fun!  Almost good enough to eat.

We too a little trip under the see and swam with the fish and turtles.  We were treated royally as we too a ride in a dolphin carriage.

The children thought it would be interesting to push this boat over to the water and see how long it would float, or how long until it crumbled.

What are brothers for but to torment their sisters and eat their hands off.

Feeling the ocean spray

Blowing into the water

Mmmm, more cocoa!

Cookie children

Oh no!  Watch out, your going to get eaten!

It was fun to see the decorated boat.  Perhaps someday we will see the parade.

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