Friday, January 25, 2008


I have to share something funny. Today someone came to do an annual check on our house from the management company. Well, David and Rebecca followed the kind man around everywhere. Rebecca kept calling him "daddy". She would say, "Daddy, look at this", or "Where'd daddy go?" I think he thought it was funny. She hasn't done that to anyone else before, perhaps he looked similar to Clark.

David followed the man around everywhere, and entertained him while he did his job. He told him all about the "baby in mommy's tummy" and how we got to see it, then he told him all about how I was cleaning certain things before the man arrived. David even changed his shirt so the man could see his "Bee School" shirt he has. I love how some people bring these funny things out in my children. They aren't normally friend to strangers (well, David might smile, but Rebecca certainly isn't), some people just look nice I guess. It was a funny experience.

The things I had been cleaning were Rebecca's booster chair for the kitchen... I finally cleaned it out and it was drying in the bath tub. I was pretty excited because I also cleaned our baby tub finally, it takes me a while to get up motivation on some things! So now I will go and rest....

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Elisa said...

What cute kids! I bet that guy loved the attention.