Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jumping Right In

We arrived home and jumped right in to all the things we left behind. Clark is involved in a play for our church and will be performing this week. (that is the reason for the beard, which he is excited to get rid of) David said, "Daddy, I can't wait for you to shave your beard off; then I can kiss your cheek." I guess we are all excited! I am teaching preschool this week, the first week back from school vacation. Clark also started his class yesterday. This may be the last semester for his master's degree.

We also have good news of expecting another little baby. David was saying his prayers last night and melted my heart when he prayed for his "little baby, and mommy too since she has a baby in her tummy." What a sweet child. Yesterday was also David's fourth birthday. This has been a busy week for us.


Elisa said...

Congratulations!!! July huh? That's so exciting! We've got about 30 days to go! I'm so excited!(she's due about Valentine's Day)

Christy said...

I was wondering about the beard, lol. Luckily he looks good in it so I am sure you did not mind it too much.

Congrats again on the little bean. Do you know when about in July you are do? I am sorry that you have to be pregnant in Texas in the summer, but I am so very excited for you at the same time.

Also, in that second picture on this blog I can see a family resemblance between your 2 kids and my 2 kids. It is very comforting to see a resemblance. I often wonder who my children will look like and who they do look like, so it is fun to see the resemblance with your great kiddos.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! I am sorry I missed it. I do have something for him (and for Rebecca for hers next month) so I will try my hardest to get it out soon.