Sunday, August 31, 2008

Softened Heart

Here is a funny and yet sad story for you:

I was sitting on our couch feeding Benjamin when I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I wondered what it was, but then imagined that it was a car driving by. But then I saw it again, and yet I still hadn't noticed exactly where it came from. By the third time I had narrowed it down to the fact that it must be coming from my room.

Since I couldn't get up and find out what it was, I called Clark to do the duty. He went in and found David playing with our camera and then we scolded him for doing something he knew he shouldn't have been doing.

Well, after a few hours, I finally had a chance to see what he had been doing with the camera. This is what he was doing:

When I saw these pictures my heart melted as I saw the love he has for his "Kitty" as he likes to call her. I was sad that we got so upset with him and didn't even see what he was trying to do. Kitty is his sweet little "kitten" (we all know it is a bear, but he calls it his kitty anyway). She is his friend and is real to him. I wanted to hug David and let him know I love him. We decided to print his pictures off on a paper and hang them next to his bed. He is very happy and proud of his pictures and loves his little Kitty. As I was giving him a hug tonight he said, "I am good at taking pictures, Mommy. I will take a picture of you and Benjamin and you will have really big smiles." What a sweet boy I have.

Here is a picture of our little Benjamin. He is growing so much and giving us smiles too! He brings joy to all of us. Rebecca now has named her little baby doll "Benjamin" too. I know I have read that some people worry that they won't be able to love the children they have after their first child, but I think all the younger siblings get more love since there are more people in the family to love them! Families are fun!


Anonymous said...

he is so sweet. this picture touched my heart. and the story of david's kitty. anyway, hope all is well with you.

ladybug143 said...

How sweet! I love the kids pictures. Victoria LOVES to take pictures. A lot of the time we pose and pretend, but she loves to snap them with the real camera the most. Aren't digital cameras the best! No wasted film.