Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Understanding

As I was chatting with Clark yesterday about my blog post, he told me that I had sounded pretty down. I hadn't even thought that I had sounded down, since I was perfectly happy and content when I wrote it. :-)
I guess the problem with writing is that it can be read in different ways depending on how the reader sees what is written. What I meant to say in the first paragraph of the last post is that at that moment in time (meaning dinnertime), I find it hard to help my children be happy AND cook meals at the same time. Although I am seeing an improvement as David is getting to an age where he can do many things for himself, and he will also help Rebecca; he is a great helper.

So I really wasn't trying to put myself down, rather I was trying to lead into the fact that there is one "Simple Recipe" which seem like something I really can do and that includes doing it with my sweet family.

That is what life is all about, our families: old, young; past, present; big, small.

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Simply AnonyMom said...

I am amazed at what you do and hwo well you handle things. I understand you hav eyour doubts, but you are one of the strongest people I know. It is not easy being isolated from family, but you are doing it so wonderfully. I did not get a negative vibe from your post. It seemed real. Please know that you have the love and support from all around the country.