Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dream Land

Flowers the children picked for me from our yard, they smell so amazing.

We took our first trip to the beach and the children loved playing and splashing! We loved making castles and decorating them them shells, digging holes that fill with water, and just enjoying a beautiful morning. I still cannot believe all this is right where I live. The world is truly full of beauty.

A strange story: I love watching birds and trying to learn the different kinds. I was standing there on the beach when an ocean bird came into view. I was watching it fly closer overhead when it pause mid-air over my head (I thought I was doomed to have droppings land on my head), to my surprise it started regurgitating and dropped a fish on my head! We explored the fish and found it to be rubber, probably for fishing. I was so surprised that it purposefully dropped it on me. Pretty funny!

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Dad said...

That's hillarious about the rubber fish! Great pictures too.