Sunday, August 14, 2011

"I love to see the Temple..."

Our family has a tradition that the minute we see the temple we sing "I Love to See the Temple" (link to listen). This was our first trip to our new temple. The temple fills me with joy and peace, and I know it is the "House of the Lord". Everything is so light it is really like being in heaven.

My sister and I were able to be there together. What a neat experience to share with our families.

I loved that our children are excited to visit this new temple and that it was the high light of their day. I hope they will always remember the importance of the temple and that our family is a forever family.


Danielle said...

We just live a few miles from the temple and whenever we're going by there, I'll drive around it so the kids can see. It feels special every time!

Rockin' Rowes said...

Oh, that is so fun that you guys get to do things together now. Jealous!